Character Death and Change

Character Death
Act of Dice notwithstanding, a character death should be something powerful to the group and to the story, something that informs the surviving players’ decisions for several sessions and reveeals something of the either the character of the unfortunate person’s companions or something about the nature of the world, or better still, both.

A character’s death will be treated with a level of gravity as befitting the treatment the player enters into the character’s death. Storyline will be created to give it greater meaning, and every death will be folded into the story as each character is added to the graveyard.

That said, the intention is to not kill characters unnecessarily. The hope is for a cohesive group that learns to trust one another and rely on each other to provide support in places where none will be found.

Changing Characters
On that note, the notion of changing a character for purely aesthetic or systemic reasons. In the simplest sense, this will not be allowed. The characters are chosen for a reason, and it is their story we are telling.

In a more broad sense, a player who chooses to leave a character behind for one reason or another (boredom, crappy build, etc.) will be permitted to request a character death in the next event. This gives the DM a chance to prepare a suitably momentous death, as well as providing a chance to plan on how to introduce a new character.

In a less broad, but not so simple, sense; if the group is in a large civilized community, the character may choose to say goodbye to a the group and leave, as long as they have spoken to the DM ahead of time about introducing a new character.

Creating a New Character
The race limit stands, and character creation is made using the same system as presented in the wiki, with the following exceptions:

  • The character will not use Gestalt rules for their Class.
  • The character receives 2 less Option points for each new character.
  • The character cannot be introduced in the same session as their predecessor’s death.
    • One exception: Character death was initiated by DM for story reasons, and was discussed with player ahead of time.

Character Death and Change

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