Character Options

Here’s where character creation changes for this Campaign aside from others, which is taking the place of the Trait mechanic from Pathfinder.

You do not pick Traits in this Campaign

Character Points

Each character will receive a cache of 10 Points that they will be able to spend on their character. These points will be in addition to the pool of points they used to define their Ability Scores, and will be spent in the following manner:

  • 1 Point buys 2 Skill Points (Skill Rank Maximums still apply)
  • 1 Point buys 1 Ability Score up by 1 (character creation Maximums still apply)
  • 2 Points buys 1 Feat (the character must still meet the Prerequisites)

This means that, if a player chooses to invest all of their points in only one category, they can have 20 Extra Skill Points, +10 to Ability Scores, or 5 Additional Feats. The smart money is to mix and match to create a character more in line with your mental image of them, and to give you the chance to get your build off to a decent start.

Character Template

Every character also receives one simple Template from the list provided below, that further defines the character’s role in his life and world, and his or her development to this point. It is intended as a way for the character to gain some additional bonuses in addition to giving them some things to consider when it comes to their back story and development to this point.

  • Atavistic
    A character who is atavistic has been corrupted by the recursive magic of Humanity, falling back from their civilized natures into something more primal.
  • Corrupt
    A corrupt character has, either by choice or by accident, come into contact with a source of Corruption that has left them indelibly marked.
  • Heroic
    A character with a Heroic background has spent their life struggling against the pervasive Corruption, making sacrifices in the name of the greater good.
  • Mystic
    The Mystic has spent their life channeling magic or in places of magic, a natural to the energies of the arcane or divine; as such, the Mystic is a potent spell-caster and more.
  • Predator
    Any character can take the Predator Template, which suggests a history as a hunter of other sentient creatures, either as a law enforcer or as something darker.
  • Pure
    One of the rarest of people to walk the face of Nalusha in these dark days, this character has pledged and worked to maintain their Purity.

Character Options

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