Character Questionnaire

Who Am I?

Characters will be expected to include, in the posting of their character sheet, at least a majority of the following information, which will aid in developing story for those characters and in the player being able to understand their character’s mentality.

This information does not have to be posted in a public region, but can be published in the Player Secrets.

  • Motivation
    Why does your character pursue adventure? Understanding a character’s motivation helps to keep them involved in the story and informs his or her basic views of the world.
    • Clarification: If you character is not motivated to pursue adventure, please roll a new character.
  • Sexuality
    What is your character’s sexual orientation, if any defined orientation? What is your character’s racial orientation, if any?
    • Clarification: Characters with “no orientation” receive a -5 to all Cha-based rolls.
  • Religion
    Does your character adhere to the teachings of the Silent Gods? Does he or she follow the commands of the Black Shrine? Does the character feel the world would be better off without the Gods entirely?
    • Clarification: Divine characters must answer this question.
  • Hobbies
    What does your character do in their spare time? How do they pass the time when travelling, or when awaiting information?
    • Clarification: A character’s ability scores or skills should reflect their interest.

Expanded Guide to Character Personalities
The link above is a site with a much larger list of traits to draw from, as well as random roll tables for the adventurous.

Character Questionnaire

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