By its nature, corruption is everywhere and in everything, usually in small amounts. It denotes a connection with the perverse inclinations and the twisted acts endemic to the Lethe itself. Every action that embraces the inherent corruption of the Lethe lets a little more of it into one’s self, bringing a person closer and closer to an irrevocable state of connection to the powers and laws that govern the Lethe.

System-wise, it is a pool that begins low and rises over time based on actions and circumstance, that bring a character closer and closer to the Lethe and its horrors.

  • Corruption begins at the Character’s Level +d4
Rising Corruption

The following list of actions provides a guideline for the development of Corruption in a character, though it is not inexhaustible. There are some places that imbue Corruption, and some fruits and springs that will inflict Corruption on those who savor them.

  • Acts of Violence
    • Any time a character commits and act of Violence against an innocent, they receive an amount of Corruption equal to that person’s Cha Mod (minimum 1).
      • Special: For this purpose, an Innocent is any non-combatant whose Corruption is not Total (Not considered Lethe_Spawn).
  • Sexual Depravity
    • When the character uses the power from a sexually powered Feat, they gain 1 point of Corruption.
    • When the character commits an act of sexual violence on an Innocent (see the note above), the character gains Corruption equal to 2x the victim’s Cha Mod (minimum 2).
    • Sexual contact (consensual or otherwise) with a True Lethe-Spawn will grant a number of Corruption equal to the total HD of all creatures involved.
  • Perversion
    • Devouring the flesh of a sentient creature (Not Lethe-Spawn) bestows an amount of Corruption equal to the victim’s Con Mod (minimum 1).
    • Enslaving a sentient creature bestows 1 Corruption per HD of the creature.
    • Torturing an Innocent (see the note above) inflicts 2 points per HD of the creature.
    • Devouring a Lethe-Spawn inflicts an amount of Corruption equal to 1d4 per HD of the creature. (1 for Creatures with less than 1 HD).

As Corruption rises, a character begins to twist and become increasingly monstrous in their visage. As they reach different intervals of Corruption, these mutations will be randomly assigned to the character.

Should the character reduce their Corruption, obtained traits will cease to provide any benefit, but the physical manifestation of the trait is not curable. If the character rolls the same Trait twice, the numerical effect of the Trait increases by +1; a penalty of -1 becomes -2, and a bonus of +1 increases to +2, etc.

Corruption Traits
Corruption 6-10

d6 roll Trait System Manifestation
1 Lesions -1d3 CHA Leprous seeping sores cover the character’s skin
2 Necrosis -1d3 CON Internal rotting that causes the breath to wheeze
3 Withering -1d3 STR Muscular atrophy
4 Brittle Joints -1d3 DEX A loss of flexibility caused by hardness of the joints
5 Madness -1d3 WIS The character’s mind becomes fluid, and lucidity more distant
6 Atavism -1d3 INT A rising of the primal instincts that suppress thought

Corruption 11-15

d6 roll Trait System Manifestation
1 Red Eyes Low Light Vision The character’s eyes burn like embers in the dark
2 Long Legs +5 Movement The character’s legs stretch
3 Small Tendrils Agile Grappler Lengths of tendrils protrude from the character
4 Horns Gore attack d6 (d8 Large) Barbed horns break through at the character’s brow
5 Hardened Skin +2 Natural Armor Skin thickens and becomes leathery
6 Pheremones +2 to Cha-based Skills The character exudes a pungent smell

Corruption 16-20

d6 roll Trait System Manifestation
1 Black Eyes See the Invisible The character’s eyes sockets hollow out
2 Atavist Charge +10 Movement The character moves in elastic, muscular leaps
3 Tentacles Make Grapple attempts as a Move Action Large Leathery tendrils protrude
4 Serrated Skin Grapplers take d3 damage per round Barbs and spines protrude
5 Natural Plating Add +3 to Natural Armor Hardening of skin and frame
6 Wings Fly at Double Land Speed Barbed and leathery wings

Corruption 21+

d6 roll Trait System Manifestation
1 Corrupt Infusion Every strike inflicts 1 Corruption on target Skin cracks and bleeds
2 Corrupt Life Heal an amount equal to double Corruption gained Black mist emanation
3 Lethe-Fire Gain SR equal to Corruption Skin glistens and becomes smooth
4 Lethe-Scion Gain HP bonus equal to Corruption Humid and warm emanation
5 Carapace Add Corruption gained to Natural AC Oil and ichor seeps from the skin
6 Lethe-Lord Cha and Leadership apply to Lethe-Spawn Body darkens to black
Taint Threshold

A character’s Taint Threshold is the line, the final barrier to be crossed that takes them from Corrupt to Lethe-Spawn. While this isn’t inherently a loss of character, or a loss of self-control or will, to cross it provides True Lethe-Spawn combat bonuses against the afflicted character in addition to any benefits the final Change provides. This line rises as the character develops over time.

Once crossed, one can never return from the state of Lethe-Spawn. They can, however, continue to gain Corruption if their actions call for it, but all gains are doubled. At this point, the character’s Corruption is considered to be Total.

  • A character’s Taint Threshold is 2x their Level, plus their Cha Score
    • At first level: 2+ Cha Score
    • At higher levels: 1d3x Character Level

Once a character has reached Total Corruption, they double their Corruption gain, and continue to roll on the applicable Corruption Traits tables. Once their Corruption exceeds 21, and they are rolling on the last table, a character who has Total Corruption may select any Corruption Trait from any of the tables, as long as it doesn’t duplicate a priorly obtained Trait, for every additional 20 Corruption.

  • A Character who is past Total Corruption and 21 Corruption gains new Corruption Traits:
    • Corruption 40
    • Corruption 60
    • Corruption 80
    • Corruption 100

Corruption reaches a ceiling at 100, and does not continue past this point. The drawback of increased Corruption past Total Corruption allows for True Lethe-Spawn to fight the character more easily, and to inflict greater harm on them, using the following system.

True Lethe-Spawn gain the following benefits around the Truly Corrupt:

  • Natural AC bonus equal to one-tenth the Corruption Score
  • Fast Healing equal to one-fifth the Corruption Score
  • Bonus to all Attack and Damage rolls equal to one-tenth the Corruption Score
  • Bonus to Saves and the Save DCs of Special Abilities equal to one-fifth the Corruption Score
Reducing Corruption

Extremely difficult, but still possible, is the ability to perform actions to that will cleanse the Taint of Corruption off of the character. While Corruption will not ever be completely removed, the development of it can be mitigated in the cases of acts of extreme good or charity.

The list below gives an idea of things that will reduce a character’s Corruption, but is not inexhaustible.

  • Destroying a Lethe-Shrine
    • Reduce Corruption by 1d6
  • Killing a True Lethe-Spawn; Only if the Lethe-Spawn is of higher CR than the character
    • Reduce Corruption by 1d4
  • Killing the Truly Corrupt
    • Reduce Corruption by 1d3
  • Saving an Innocent from the Truly Corrupt; per event not per Innocent
    • Reduce Corruption by 1


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