The Coming of Humanity

When the walls came down, and the blackness of the Lethe seeped across the world there was, initially, a glimmer of hope that arrived on its back. A new race entered the world, with gleaming silver and steel, and at the onset a plan to battle back the corruption. They carried with them divine magics, which were at first lost with the breaking of the world, and the hope of a freedom from the taint.

The Black Shrine, which they call the Nazamuur Shrine, was their grand plan. A towering edifice designed to keep the corruption under control and to open the world up to the Old Gods. At the start of it, Humanity was the ally of Nalusha.

Or so it seemed.

The Nazamuur Shrine

The Shrine wasn’t a defense, it was a lens through which the Lethe and the powers that governed there could spread their horrible light. It opened up the minds of the sensitive to the words of corruption, and allowed for darker magics to be wielded by the Humans against the disparate races of Nalusha.

Humanity’s Sins

The first true sin against Nalusha committed by Humanity was that of Betrayal. Humanity showed the signs of divinity and purity in order to lull the sentients of Nalusha into security and trust, to embrace the Humans as experts in battling the Lethe, only to discover that Humanity was here to spread its influence.

The second sin against Nalusha was Dominion. With the speed of plague, Humanity began to spread across the world, and with the opening of the Black Shrine, began to assert dominance in every corner of Nalusha. The Old Empires either fell or surrendered to Human control, while the followers of the Old Ways were relegated to the status of insurrectionists and cults.

The third sin against Nalusha was Abomination. Among all the powers granted by the breath of the Shrine, Humanity has obtained the magic to corrupt the people of Nalusha, reducing them to beasts in body and intellect. In some parts of Nalusha, they are already changing them on a more broad scale, infecting entire regions with this poisonous magic.

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