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Pleasure is a sort of oblivion, a forgetfulness. Pain is remembrance, you cannot forget pain.

The World of Nalusha

A Breath of One Thousand Screams

A Brief History of Nalusha

  • The World is in the 4th Age of its history; the Age of Onyx. The first age was the Age of Gold where each of the peoples of the world found their lands and began to speak their languages; the birth of knowledge and magic and wisdom. The second was the Age of Sapphire, where cities were born and the Gods first spake their names to the wispering shamans and bore them as priests; the birth of faith and society. The third age was the Age of Iron, where cities become nations and nations become Empires, where true war begins; the birth of armies and steel and violence never before seen.
  • The Age of Onyx begins when the walls to the Lethe are broken down and a feral atavistic darkness pours into the world of Nalusha, breaking the weak and twisting the strong. Corruption seeps into the skin of the world and its people, their desires and taint giving a new shape to the world.
  • With the foundation of the Black Shrine the Gods’ voices fall silent and the world is left almost to its own. Chaos descends and new voices begin to echo from the direction of the Black Shrine, changing the heart of the world and filling it with diverse desires and maddened hungers.

Where the Campaign Begins

  • It is the year 649 of the Age of Onyx, and 233 years since the Black Shrine began to speak.
  • The characters have been called together by the Sacred Flame, an order dedicated to sealing the walls of the Lethe once again.
  • Each character comes from a different race, chosen by the highest oracle of the Sacred Flame.

A Gazetteer of Nalusha

Tales of Flesh and Fear

  • Rating: NC-17, Mature Audiences; Violence, Adult Themes, Sexuality, Nudity, Torture
    This Campaign will be dealing with darker themes than most Pathfinder games, and will involve elements intended to make both characters and players uncomfortable, while focusing on an epic fantasy story with these themes as the backdrop and narrative vehicle.
  • Progression: Slow
    Characters will develop slowly through the levels, relying more on their own resources and acquired gear, and on their Gestalt Class status, than on a rapid succession of new powers.

Character Creation
All characters will be built on the following system, using either material posted in this wiki or linked to the Pathfinder SRD site. It is suggested that players follow the flow order of the links in their decisions, as well as having an understanding of each choice the player makes before considering the character final.

It should be reminded that each race may only be played by one character; first come first served. Players posting their character sheet with Race choice determines who receives that race option.

Character Creation Overview

Campaign Information

Campaign Bibliography

  • Pathfinder Core Materials
    • Pathfinder Core Book
    • Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide
    • Pathfinder SRD
  • Black Tokyo, published by Scorched Urf’
    Used to flavor the setting and system
    • Black Tokyo Main Guide
    • Black Tokyo; Chastity & Depravity
    • Black Tokyo; Legends
    • Black Tokyo; Tales of the Tatakama
  • Fursona, published by Scorched Urf’
    Used to design Races
    • Fursona
    • Fursona II
    • Fursona IV
  • Unearthed Arcana, by Monte Cook
    Gestalt Rules will be used
  • Additional d20 Materials, various 3rd party publishers

SPECIAL NOTE: Players need only have access to the Pathfinder Core Materials, as all usable material from the third party publishers will be posted in this wiki, or will be provided by the DM upon player request.

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