Player Absence

For Every Action
For the purposes of this Campaign, when a player cannot attend the game they have “slipped into the Lethe” and are for all intents and purposes trapped in an oubliette for the period of the absence. While there, the character experiences nothing of their own accord, but as appropriate to Pathfinder, because they were supposed to experience what occurs with the rest of the group, they will still receive a share of the Experience Points.

There is a Reaction
As an incentive to not miss game too often, however, every game session the character is trapped in the Lethe their character will suffer 1 Point of Ability Damage to a random Ability Score. This returns at the normal rate (1 per day or via Restoration Spell), and each occurence of imprisonment is rolled only once.

  • If a player misses 6 sessions, they don’t roll 6 dice, instead they simply roll once and lose 6 points from that Ability Score

This isn’t to punish players, as a slight drop in a stat that can be restored by rest isn’t a horrible thing to inflict on a character; the intention is to reward the players who do make it to game during a session.

Player Absence

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