To begin, it should be understood what Purity is, and what it is not. Purity is a state of being, a willful choice to resist the Lethe and its corruptions and once lost it is almost impossible to get back. It is not simply virginity, though chastity is often a road taken to maintaining one’s Purity. It is not a separate trait, catalogued alongside Corruption, but instead a state of lacking Corruption.

To be considered one of the Pure, the character must take the Pure Template.

Being Pure
To be Pure, a character must meet several requirements, and maintain them over the course of the entire campaign. Some are simple, others are difficult, but all are mandatory for one to call themselves Pure.

  • Low Corruption
    A character wishing to maintain their Purity must keep their Corruption below their Cha Modifier.
  • Sexual Purity
    A character cannot have any sexual contact (consensual or otherwise) with any Lethe-Spawn.
  • Spiritual Purity
    A Pure character cannot follow any of the Namazuur Orders, nor participate in their rituals.

The Failing of Purity
A character who is maintaining their Purity suffers a number of drawbacks, acting as a beacon against the Lethe. Any character who chooses to do so should take these drawbacks into consideration before committing.

  • Beacon to the Corrupt
    The Pure draw the Corrupt to them; those looking for the Pure gain a bonus to Perception equal to the Pure character’s Cha Score.
  • Perverse Muse
    Most Corrupt will seek to first break the Purity of the character before killing her or him, as this bestows benefits upon them.
  • Aura of Purity
    The Pure cannot disguise their nature, and anyone seeking to see through any Disguise or Bluff (or similar Skill Use, such as Linguistics to forge documents) checks to conceal them gain a bonus to their Perception equal to the Pure character’s Cha Score.

The Strength of Purity
As a beacon of hope, the character who maintains their Purity receives several benefits beyond that of other characters, should they choose to utilize them.

  • Benevolent Humours
    A Pure character’s bodily humours (urine, blood, semen, vaginal secretions) are potent magical benefactors, allowing them to bestow benefits to spellcasters anointed with them:
    • A bonus to overcoming the SR of Lethe-Spawn equal to the Pure character’s Cha Score
    • A Divine bonus to the anointed character’s AC equal to the Pure character’s Cha Mod
    • A bonus to Attack and Damage rolls against Lethe-Spawn equal to the Pure’s Cha Mod
    • Anointed Spellcasters receive a Caster Level increase equal to the Pure’s Cha Mod
      This benefit lasts 2 rounds per HD of the Pure character, and must be chosen when anointing.
      A character can provide this benefit a number of times per day equal to their Cha Score
      • Special: The Pure can benefit from one of these, but only if they Anoint themselves to do so.
  • Beacon of Hope
    A Pure character may take, and level in, the Paladin Class as long as they maintain their Purity.
  • Light of Purity
    Once per Character Level (must increase Level before attempting again), a Pure character can inflict their (HD in d6, + Cha Score) to all Lethe-Spawn or Truly Corrupt creatures in their (Cha Mod x5) feet. This damage ignores DR and has no save to avoid. Other Pure in the radius are healed an equal amount of damage as is inflicted on the Lethe-Spawn. Once done, the character is fatigued for 1d6 hours.

Losing Purity
A character can lose their Purity; fairly easily in fact. Should this happen, all abilities, bonuses, and special options currently possessed that require Purity are lost. This includes the Paladin class as well.

  • Sexual Perversion
    A character loses their Purity for sexual contact (consensual or otherwise) with a Lethe-Spawn.
  • Willing Corruption
    If a Pure character ever takes Corruption into themselves willingly they lose their Purity, no matter how much or how little Corruption they take in.
  • Killing Purity
    If a character murders another Pure character, for any reason, they lose their Purity and gain that person’s Cha Score in Corruption points.

Regaining Purity
Once Purity is lost, it is difficult to regain, and is widely considered to be not worth the effort. A character must absolve themselves of all of the taint in addition to performing acts of Purity and in some cases erasing or dulling the memories of the Purity-breaking event.

  • Rolling Back the Clock
    A character who loses their Purity to sexual contact with the Lethe-Spawn must forget the encounter first and foremost, either through the use of magic or the use of the Innocence Restored Feat.
  • Atonement
    A character must be consecrated by a holy figure, or in a holy place, that is opposed to the Lethe and its spawn. This is easiest down by finding speakers for the Old Ways, but they will usually require some payment or benefit for this process.
  • Cleansing
    The most difficult part, the Pure must reduce their Corruption Score to a point where they are within their threshold for maintaining their Purity (Cha Mod).


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