The faiths of modern Nalusha can be condensed into two notions, the first of which is the dominant belief of the Nazamuur Orders; the religion of Humanity and the Black Shrine itself. The second is the Old Ways, an assortment of Paths that define the naturalist remains of the teachings of the now silent Old Gods.

The Nazamuur Orders

Among the Nazamuur Orders, the definition of temple and priest is divided into the Nazamuur Seals, representative of the different Inzhai Lords; the rulers of the Lethe itself. The different Seals provide Domains and Spell-casting abilities for Clerics, as well as defining the nature of their Channel Energy class feature.

Within each Seal, there are also required rituals alongside both ethos-based bans and demands on the priest who serves that Seal. Any character breaking these restrictions loses the ability to cast spells until the next day’s ritual.

Nazamuur Seals

The Old Ways

The Old Ways, divided into the Old Paths, represent the remaining teachings and guidance of the Old Gods. The different Paths represent elemental or natural collections of magic and wisdom, of animal habits and inclinations without the corrupt influence of the Lethe. A Cleric who follows the Old Ways does not have the ability to cast spells beyond their Domain Spells, but still maintains their Domain Abilities and their Channel Energy ability.

Within each Path provides both ritual and ethos, though there is no longer any punishment from the distant Gods for breaking the Ethos of a Path, save potentially being excommunicated by one’s Order. Many Paths have been lost in the 4th Age, so this list is by no means complete.

The Old Paths
The Aberrant Path
The Deathspeaker’s Path
The Forest Path
The Howling Path
The Hunter’s Path
The Path of Blood
The Path of Frost
The Path of Madness
The Path of Storms
The Path of Talons


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